OneSignal Flutter Vikings Virtual Hackathon

A social hackathon with #OneSignalFlutterViking22

Subject: OneSignal Flutter Vikings Virtual Hackathon
Dates: Aug29-Sep5 2022
Prizes: 1 of 3 Nintendo Switches
Description: OneSignal is The market-leading self-serve customer
engagement solution for push notifications, email, SMS, and in-app
We’re a proud sponsor of Flutter Vikings and big fans of the vibrant Flutter
community. We’re excited to host a Virtual Hackathon. We want to see how
you can leverage OneSignal to make your Flutter apps more engaging.

How to participate
1. Fill out the registration form.
2. Add the OneSignal Flutter SDK to your app.
3. Implement a messaging sequence that engages or grows your user
4. Ship your app to Google Play or the Apple App Store
5. Tweet the link to your app store listing using the
#OneSignalFlutterViking22 hashtag by September 5, 2022.