Write a Flutter, Firebase or Firebase Extensions article​​​​​​​

Write a good article about Firebase, Firebase Extensions and Flutter and win Google Nest hub2

This contest is easy! Invertase wants you to use your creativity and do your best to write an article about Flutter, Firebase, Firebase Extensions, or any Invertase open-source package such as Melos.

Invertase will judge your work based on the following:

- Your topic has not already been published on the Invertase blog
- Your article must be unique and pass for Plagiarism; you should not copy other's work!
- Your article must be about Flutter, Flutter and Firebase and Firebase Extensions, Melos, or Zapp!
- Your article must at least have 1500 words
- Your article must have a working project, code, and sample snippets in Zapp.run 
- Your article must be in English
- Your article must have the slightest grammar or spelling mistakes!
- Adding screenshots are plus!
- You must submit your article before 15th September!
- Your article must be written in Markdown (.md) format
- You should not publish this article on any other websites except on Invertase.io

Authors of the top three articles will receive Google Nest Hub 2, and the top 10 articles will receive the Invertase swag kit. 

Submit your articles here and win our prizes