Zapp! Vikings Competition

Invertase has provided an exciting activity for the FlutterVikings team to spice up the event by building general apps and games and win precious prizes.

How to participate in the competition:

  • The campaign starts on 25th August and ends on 5th September.
  • We have two categories for competition: General & Game
  • You can create Zapp! projects for both categories and submit as many as you want
  • The judgments on entries will be based on:
    • Overall quality of the project.
    • The time that you have spent on the Zapp! project. We want you to build it in Zapp!
    • The overall code quality.
    • The uniqueness of your project, we won’t give any rating to projects that have just been copied from Github or belong to someone else.
  • Bonus: You can use Flutter Vikings assets.
  • Bonus: We‘d love to hear your feedback and feature requests, we will keep an eye on them.

No campaign or competition is fun without worthy prizes. We have decided to have different prizes based on the category of submissions. Here’s the 2 categories:

Build a game in Zapp! (10 prizes):

  1. First place will receive a VR headset Anker MetaQuest 2
  2. Second place will receive Razer Blackshark V2 Gaming Headset
  3. Third place will receive a NOS C650 Pro Gaming keyboard
  4. The fourth to 10th places will receive an Invertase swag box including Flutter socks, face mask, stickers, and more…
Game in Zapp Prizes

General apps in Zapp! (15 prizes):

  1. The first, second, third, and fourth places will receive a Google Nest Hub 2.
  2. Fifth place will receive a Google Nest Audio.
  3. The sixth place will receive a Google Nest Mini.
  4. The 7th to 15th places will receive an Invertase swag box which includes Flutter socks, face mask, stickers, and more.
Apps in Zapp Prizes

How can I submit my entries?

Use our Zapp! Vikings Competition Form to submit your entries. You can submit as many as you want, but considering the number of submissions does not matter; the quality and overall time you spend to polish your Zapp! project is more important.